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The JPG Top 3: The Best Time to Post, Using Communities to Engage Your Audience, and Pizza Robots

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#3 Using Communities as a Way to Engage Your Audience

For TV shows and movies, one of biggest challenges in an on-demand and instant gratification world is preventing spoilers. At the same time, these shows and movies want their fans who’ve actually SEEN something be able to talk about it with one another. This article looks at how Marvel combats spoilers, and the use of the “Communities” feature of Twitter comes into play.

So I know what you’re thinking, “I ain’t Marvel, how does this apply to me?” That answer lies in the “community” aspect of what’s going on. Whether it be in Twitter Communities, Facebook Groups. Reddit threads, or whatever else, identifying groups that are relevant to your brand are an incredible way to interact with your audience. Not only do these methods tend to get better reach and engagement than simple social media posts, they allow you to interact directly with individuals who’ve already expressed an interest in what your business provides.

#2 The Best Time to Post is …

…4am eastern time! Wait … what??? That’s according to Sprout Social’s 30,000+ users as outlined in their latest research. Now where this DOES make sense is that on a global scale it also happens to be 9am in England, 10am in Europe, and 6pm in Australia.

Granted, times like these only matter if you’re trying to reach people on a global scale, so what does that mean locally? It means that one must understand their local audience and how and when they interact with your brand. One thing that does stand out across the board here is that Saturday and Sunday as a whole are the worst times to post. The simple reason? People aren’t at WORK, which is a place they LOVE to kill time on social media!

The moral of the story here is to make sure you’re playing around with posting times with your content. 4am may seem like a ridiculous time to post, but there’s way less competition at that time and it may give your content a little algorithm boost when people wake up a few hours later.

#1 Pizza Robots …. AHHH!!!

Are you ready for a robot to make your pizza? Or how about other meals when you’re out to eat?

As much as we love the human touch, especially when it comes to a restaurant experience, the reality is that it is getting harder and harder to find actual humans to do the work! We include this article not to suggest that you need to buy your own pizza robot (though having one in the house WOULD be cool), but instead to get you to continue to think about ways to streamline your processes within your business.

The simple fact is this … you’re going to be asked to do more for your business with LESS PEOPLE available to do it. It’s absolutely vital to figure out ways to streamline and/or outsource certain tasks so you aren’t being taken away from your #1 goal … running a successful business. Stop living “in the weeds” every day where you’re just trying to get by and instead allow yourself the ability to actually focus on your business’s success and growth plan by learning new ways to automate certain services. (Cheap plug: The JPG Agency can certainly help with that as well if you wanna hear more.)

Three Dirty Words … “Social Media Manager”

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As someone who helps small businesses with their branding strategies and digital presence, I’ve always loathed the term “social media manager,” because in my opinion that isn’t the true path to brand success.

Sure, having a strong presence on social media is important, but if you’re putting all your eggs into that basket, then you are doing your brand a disservice because you are now completely reliant on the “algorithm overlords” of a handful of billion dollar tech companies.

And since I don’t want my The JPG Agency clients putting all their eggs into that basket, I sure as heck don’t want to be putting all of MINE in there either. To me, true brand success is figuring out methods for owning your own audience engagement by figuring out how to engage with them directly through methods controlled by YOU. Social media management is just one piece of that puzzle.

The role of “social media manager” needs to evolve, and you can see that evolution in this Social Media Today report.

A Bad Digital Impression is Costing You Revenue!

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Having a strong digital presence isn’t a luxury in 2022, it’s a NECESSITY. This article will open your eyes when you see things like “increasing a customer’s satisfaction score can increase their spending by up to 37%. Reducing the effort required to complete a task online can lead to a 23% increase in the amount they spend.”

Plain and simple … making a sucky digital impression with your customers will cost you money almost immediately and probably send future business elsewhere. And small business often gets the shaft in this equation because they don’t have huge budgets to have large marketing departments or to hire expensive agencies.

That’s why at The JPG Agency we’re committed to providing those opportunities to small businesses at a price point they can afford. Small businesses are the backbone of so many industries, and they flat out DESERVE the same access to these resources as the big dogs. So happy to have a squad in place that feels the same way!

Thank you Nicole Cooper for sharing this article with me and MediaPost for putting it together https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/372174/revenue-lost-by-poor-digital-experience-can-now-be.html

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