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Grab some popcorn and watch the meltdown … Twitter/X news and updates for October 2023

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Sometimes it’s fun to watch a dumpster fire. Sometimes it isn’t. But it’s always important to learn from it, especially how it may impact your small business’ marketing strategies. let’s see what ol’ Elon is up to this month at Twitter/X …

  1. Twitter/X Faces Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

Twitter/X finds itself entangled in a legal battle as it faces a trademark infringement lawsuit. This lawsuit centers on allegations of trademark infringement by a company called “X Social Media.” The case highlights the importance of protecting one’s intellectual property in the digital age.

For a detailed understanding of this legal dispute and its potential implications for Twitter/X, Read more about the trademark infringement lawsuit faced by Twitter/X

  1. The Removal of Engagement Counts and Buttons on Posts

In a surprising move, Twitter/X is considering removing all engagement counts and buttons on posts [^2^]. This potential change could significantly impact the way users interact with content on the platform, potentially shifting the focus from metrics to meaningful engagement.

For those interested in the evolving user experience on Twitter/X, Learn about Twitter/X’s consideration to remove engagement counts and buttons on posts

  1. Twitter/X’s Daily Active Users Drop Under Elon Musk

In the final story, Twitter/X’s daily active user numbers have reportedly dropped under the leadership of Elon Musk. This decline raises questions about the platform’s direction and its ability to retain and attract users.

To gain a comprehensive view of the challenges faced by Twitter/X under Elon Musk’s leadership, Discover the challenges Twitter/X faces as daily active users drop under Elon Musk

Twitter/X remains in the spotlight with these recent developments and challenges. From legal battles to potential changes in the user experience and shifts in user engagement metrics, the platform is navigating a dynamic landscape. Staying updated with these developments is essential for users, marketers, and investors.


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