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Don’t Be Everywhere

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Social media can be an exhausting landscape.  Facebook.  Instagram.  Twitter.  LinkedIn.  Pinterest. Oh wait … and now there’s Tik Tok.  And Clubhouse.  And Instagram has launched Reelz.  And Twitter has something called Spaces. And what about my Facebook and Instagram Stories?  Oh and my YouTube.  And IGTV.  And should I be on Facebook Live?


Feels like too much, doesn’t it?  Well there’s a reason for that … it IS too much.  No rational human with an actual life (let alone a business owner with a hundred different duties on their plate) can possibly do all of these things.  So how the heck do we do all of these things?

I have great news for you … we don’t.

WHAAAT??? You’re telling me I don’t need to have my business on every single social media platform?

Yup.  That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Sure … every one of those things I mentioned CAN serve a purpose for a business but that doesn’t mean it serves a purpose for YOUR business.  Furthermore, unless you have an entire staff of individuals who’s sole job is to produce and share content on every single social media platform, you’re simply never going to have the time to do all of them properly.

And that’s OK.

To me … the single most important social media strategy is to first decide which platforms work best for your specific business goals.  You don’t have to be on ALL of them.  You just have to be on the ones that you feel you’re able to maintain an interesting and engaging voice for your brand.  That’s what will yield you the highest return on the investment of your time and energy.

You won’t get punished by your customer base for not having a Twitter page, but you will get punished by your customer base for having a BAD Twitter page.

I don’t know about you, but if I am checking out a business, and I see that their last post was 11 months ago and it simply said “Happy 4th of July,” I’m immediately less interested in what they’re offering.

Don’t let that happen to your business!  Take an honest look at every social media platform you are on and what kind of content you’re producing.  If it’s not where you think it should be, then consider trimming the number of sources. 

If having just one or two social media platforms for your business is all you can handle, then put all your focus into those.  It is far more beneficial to do a great job at a handful of things vs. spreading yourself too thin and doing an average job (or below average job) at a lot of things.


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