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You live your story. We help you tell it. 



Knowing who you are and who you want to target is the foundation of what our efforts are built on. Coming from an Inbound Marketing background, our team will ensure  you are leveraging your brand and story effectively to your target market.



Anyone can post on social media, but not everyone can do it well.  We create a consistent branded voice/content for your channels to create awareness and engagement with your audience.

Make sure your audience is connected with you.



Pictures and videos tell stories. Is your content telling this story through visual content? If so, is it a story that people want to see, hear, engage with?

Let us direct your story.

Convert your audience from viewers to fans.

You want to run your business.

We want to tell your story.

With a clear focus on your branding story and target market, JPG empowers small business owners to do what they do best while we handle their day to day social media accounts and foster audience engagement. We help create your voice, content focus, and more, making your social media presence one less thing for you to worry about.


Lick BBQ digital photography 

Marketing Is About Telling Your Story In an Engaging and Impactful Way

Whether you are a new business or established, you want to grow awareness, revenue, and impact. When you look at your story, how are you telling it? Need help?


Make sure your marketing efforts showcase the mission and personality of your business. We help in determining your visual aesthetic, marketing voice, and online personality.


When someone reaches out to you in a positive or negative way, they want to be heard. Let us guide you in the best practices for audience engagement. Turn your potential customers into fans!


With a clear voice, hashtag strategy, and the tools to grow your business awareness, JPG creates a consistent and polished presence online, focused on growth and engagement for your business.


Your customers are online. We have created hundreds of ads across Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Let us create engaging ads that convert for you.


A picture’s worth a thousand words and our clients have stories to tell.

The Mouth, The Eye, and The Brain

Different strengths, same goal.

Zack Jackson

The J

Lead Snark, CEO, and Copywriter

John Park

The P

Food Evangelist, Photog, and Influencer

Sharon Park


Financial guru

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